2023: The Year of Connection

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When I was writing this year’s review, the themes that popped up all came from a lack of connection to different things in my life. I want deeper connections to everything. To my family, to myself, to the world, to my work.

Here are some examples of what “increasing connection” means to me right now:

To my kids:

  • Less distraction during family time
  • More weekend activities, less sitting around
  • Plan and book more family vacations

To my wife:

  • Get regular date nights going finally
  • Replace passive aggression with honesty and vulnerability
  • Work harder to get kids to bed on time to maximize time together

To my coworkers:

  • Replace small talk with big talk
  • More honesty and less people pleasing

To myself:

  • Give therapy a fair shot
  • Start journaling (on this blog!)

To the world:

That’s what it means to be right now, but the beauty of a yearly theme is that it’s flexible. What it means right now could be totally different than what it will mean in six months, and that’s OK.

In past years, I forgot about the theme after the first 4 or 5 months. To fix that, I’m going to try having seasons that line up with 12 week goal cycles. So for example, I may start with the Winter of Honesty, and base goals around that. Then maybe the Spring of Presence. I dunno, I’ll ponder that a bit more.

Anyways, that’s my theme for 2023. What’s yours?

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