2022 in review

Trying a new format this year. Here are the “six areas of life balance” from my goals page (and according to The 12 Week Year). I rated each one and chose the few things that made the biggest impact on each rating, both good and bad.

CategoryScore 1-10Most impactful: goodMost impactful: bad
Physical7– Joining mycopilot.com
– Running a marathon
– Tracking macros
– Lifting consistently
– Getting sick
– Junky carbs
– Eating early in the morning
– Eating late in the evening
– Fudging on my macros
– Finding reasons to not run
Business8Switching companies
– Taking on a 2nd team (temporarily)
Focusing on culture/process
– Using a career/life coach
– Writing as my method of thinking
Being a river
– Being a people pleaser
– Slack (because time suck)
– Not saying “let me think about that
Family (more)5– Game nights with extended family
– Weekend adventures
– Summer beach vacation
– Eating at the table
– Playing Switch games with my kids
– Working 40 hours or less
– Hacker News (distracts from family time)
Losing my temper with my kids
– Kids getting sick over and over
– Lack of focus/attention on growth
(no parenting books, for example)
Community5– Slack (both work and non-work)
– Work trips (Portland and Denver)
Not focusing only locally
– Spending weekends at home
– Not reaching out/initiating hangouts
– Too much small talk
Personal8– Reading (75 books this year)
– Writing this blog
– Using a career/life coach
– Working in coffee shops
– Slack (because time suck)
– Not enough high quality fun
– Too much low quality fun
– Could use a hobby that’s only for fun
Spouse8– Boston trip to see Ben Platt
– Season tickets to live musicals
– 2ish hours of us time each night
– Not many date nights
– Non-stop meeting days (can’t text back)
– Passive aggression (on my part)

Here are the themes I’m seeing:


  • Recurring scheduled date nights with Nancy
  • Focus on growing as a parent (read a dang book, idiot)
  • Spring and/or fall vacations with family
  • Being honest and saying no
  • Eating at the table every night


  • Small talk
  • Spending weekends in the house
  • Getting freaking sick (wash your stupid hands, idiot)
  • Hacker News
  • Eating junky carbs (they make you feel like crap every time)


  • Working at GitHub
  • Reading and writing
  • Using mycopilot.com
  • Playing video games with my kids

Pretty good year! 2022 was my Year of Adventure and I think I had a few big ones:

  • Training for and completing my first marathon
  • Switching companies (GitHub is a great place to work)
  • Taking four trips (two for work and two with family) after not traveling for a couple years
  • Starting to meet with a career/life coach

But mostly I think that theme fizzled out after the first few months. I’ll ponder what to do about that for 2023.

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