Everything is a gift

Ugh, I hate that I’m writing this. It’s such an annoying thing for someone to tell you: “Ok, now, think about why this crappy situation is in fact a gift?”

But I’ve gotten a lot out of asking myself that lately. It’s the intersection of gratitude and extreme ownership. It’s “yes, and…” in action.

For example: my 4 year old was up a lot last night throwing up. That sucked and now I’m sleepy and my eyes are on fire. Why is it a gift? Umm, well, it did give me a chance to do a puzzle with him before work, when he would normally be at school. One on one time is hard to come by these days, with four kids fighting for it. That’s a gift.

Annoying advice? Yeah. But it really does help when things have gone to crap.

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