Am I OK with feeling like this indefinitely?

I end lots of days feeling unfulfilled. I start lots of days feeling stressed.

So what if I had a crystal ball that could tell me that in one year, I’d feel exactly the same way. Would that be enough for me to pursue a big change, right now?

If yes, go lower. Six months? Three months?

If no, go higher. Two years? Five years?

How long would I need to be signing up to feel bad before I’d be willing to make a big scary change right now?

For me, I think a year is about right. If I could know that in a year, I’d still end most days feeling unfulfilled and start most days feeling stressed, that would do it for me.

So that begs the question: since crystal balls don’t even work in Harry Potter, what if I’m only 80% sure (because I am 80% sure)?

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