The “Shut Up And Write” meeting

In this week’s episode of “The art of booking a meeting just to force you to do a thing“, I introduce you to the “Shut Up And Write” meeting. I recommend it for whenever lots of people all need to write something (such as performance review season).

Here’s a sample agenda copy/pasted from one I scheduled recently:

Title: [OPTIONAL] Shut up and write your self review 🤫✏️🎉

Here’s how this is gonna go:

1. 📞 Join the meeting
🤫 Shut your stupid mouth
✏️ Write your self-review

Anyone caught doing something besides writing self-reviews while on the meeting will be publicly ridiculed and forced to wear wet socks or something.

I know, it makes no logical sense to join a meeting where no one is allowed to talk. But it works wonders for motivation and accountability. Brains are weird.

I’m considering scheduling one recurring at the same time every week because there’s almost always something I’m procrastinating writing.

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