What I want in a job

The book Coaching From Essence talks about finding your “essence” and says to make three lists of clues:

  • Label the first list, IS. Under this list, list all of the clues you’re gathering about your essence that resonate with you.
  • The second list, label IS NOT. List all the things you know your essence isn’t, all the clues or forms that don’t resonate.
  • Label the third list, IS IT? Here, you can list all of your questions. They may be about essence or forms that you think may resonate with your essence, but you’re not sure yet. Turn these questions into Quest(ions). Conduct experiments.

I’ll start with a smaller and easier version: what I want in my ideal job. Baby steps towards finding my essence.

So my ideal job…


Is not:

Is it?

  • Does this (or can this) exist at my company?
  • Could it match my current comp?
  • Do I need a role change for it?
  • What would the title be?
  • Who is doing something like this?
  • How can I find them to pick their brain?

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