Stop doing and start being

Imitation is powerful in eliminating guilt. Stop doing, and start being.

Example: stop “running” and start being “a runner.” Act like a runner would act. “Someone who runs” may hit the snooze button and skip the run, but “a runner” would get out there.

Pretend to be the person who would have the habit. What would that person do? Do that.

For me, I’m imitating four people these days:

  • A writer (when in doubt, write it out, and also read a ton)
  • A runner (eat and exercise like a runner would)
  • A river (more on that in this post)
  • A catalyst (I couldn’t think of a good r-sounding word for that one)

Or in emoji, this is me: 📚🏃‍♂️🏞⚡️

So I can make decisions based on those. What would a catalyst do here? How would a river handle this situation?

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