Weekly experiment: sharing pictures of everything I eat

I started taking and sharing photos of everything I eat as my weekly experiment this week. (The reason isn’t important, but since I’m sure you’re dying to know, it’s for a diet accountability Slack channel I started up).

Unexpected side effect: I can’t mindlessly snack anymore. I’d have to take a picture of that random scoop of peanut butter or that handful of goldfish. The act of taking a picture forces me to be mindful about it. It’s also annoying to take a bunch of pictures of my hand holding food. And I’d feel like a weirdo posting a bunch of pics of handfuls of goldfish on the Slack channel.

So since starting, I’ve had three meals and three pictures: breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Just thought it was interesting how such a tiny habit changed so much. We’ll see how this develops.

Now I’m wondering where else I can adopt this “document it beforehand to enforce mindfulness” process. What if I forced myself to write down “I’m going to look at reddit now” before I opened reddit? Would I need to text that to someone else for it to be effective?

I dunno…food for thought. Pun intended.

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