Weekly journal: 2023-01-08

As part of my year of connection, I’m going to experiment with a weekly journal here to connect with myself. You’ll probably be bored if you read this.

Last week

Let’s start with a vowel check:

  • A – Have I practiced abstinence this week? FREAKING NO. I keep eating white bread with honey on it at the very end of the day and then feeling stupid afterwards. It’s not even that good.
  • E – Have I exercised well this week? Three lifting sessions, two runs, one cycle. Wanted at least one more run (a long one) but sickness killed it. So, not bad but not great.
  • I – What have I done for myself this week? Started the PopSugar Reading Challenge so I’m reading fiction and that’s something I always look forward to.
  • O – What have I done for others this week? Started reading The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe to my two youngest, one chapter per night. We’re half done and they’re loving it.
  • U – Do I have any unexpressed emotions? To anyone reading this, I am judging you for how you spend your time but I love you for caring about what I have to say. Except Brian; screw you homie. Also, I lost my temper on my kids a couple times this weekend and I need to apologize to them for that.
  • Y – The “yeah” factor; what brought me joy this week? Started watching Alice in Borderland with Nancy and it’s great so far. Also bought some glass jars and now we have a nice spice drawer like real adults:
The top row’s writing goes the wrong direction and I see that and I hate everything.

Last week’s plans vs. reality:

  • Weekly experiment: I planned to start E2M with Nancy, but did a crap job sticking to it. I ate fairly well but definitely snacked a good bit outside of the E2M guidelines, which was not worth it. ⚠️
  • Mistake of ambition: I planned to propose an internal coaching training and I did it! ✅
  • Looking forward to: I planned on our kids going back to school so I could get back to a normal lifting/running routine, but that didn’t really happen. We had at least one kid home sick every day last week, and sometimes three of them. ❌
  • Stressing me out: Going back to work after the break felt stressful ahead of time. But it was fine of course. ✅

Takeaways from last week:

  • Once again, sickness screws up all plans. I need to give myself a little grace here and stop feeling so bad about the workouts I’m missing because we’re sick. Maybe one day we’ll be healthy. 😭
  • I need to send my macros for the day to my coach when I’m getting in bed. Because otherwise I run the risk of sending them and then still eating more which ruins the point.

Next week

  • What’s my next weekly experiment? I’m doing a “cold blast” at the end of every shower (in which I turn the water to cold and freeze for a few seconds until I chicken out). So far I hate but and I expect to kill the experiment immediately when the week is up, but we’ll see.
  • What is stressing me out? This never ending sick season. We have had someone sick here more often than not for about three months now and it feels like it’ll never end.
  • What’s my next mistake of ambition? Honestly I just want a normal week with kids at school and five basic work days. Gotta get my bearings after coming back from sickness and holidays. A normal week feels ambitious enough right now.
  • What am I looking forward to? Kids ACTUALLY going back to school so we can ACTUALLY get back to a normal routine.

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