Weekly journal: 2023-03-12

As part of my year of connection, I’m going to experiment with a weekly journal here to connect with myself. You’ll probably be bored if you read this.

Last week

Let’s start with a vowel check:

  • A – Have I practiced abstinence this week? No. Ate a whole mess of garlic bread Wednesday. Then chaperoned an all day field trip on Thursday which convinced me “it’s OK to eat like crap because it’s a weird day.” Then felt like crap on Friday.
  • E – Have I exercised well this week? Not really, but I tried my best. Had a lot of obligations.
  • I – What have I done for myself this week? Cancelled my Copilot subscription because it stopped being an accountability boost and started making me feel guilty for times when I wanted to exercise but had other things preventing it.
  • O – What have I done for others this week? Chaperoned my 9 year old and three of his friends on a field trip that involved driving like 2.5 hours. The noise level in that car… 😱
  • U – Do I have any unexpressed emotions? I don’t think so, this week…?
  • Y – The “yeah” factor; what brought me joy this week? A couple people from my work’s learning and development team reached out to talk because they noticed all the stuff I’m doing and want to team up! It’s happening!

Last week’s plans vs. reality:

  • Weekly experiment: Back to work-related podcasts! Not bad! Listened to a few while exercising and it was good stuff.
  • Mistake of ambition: Talk to my boss about giving a company training on the stages of team focus. All systems go. I’ll write up the proposal next week.
  • Looking forward to: Daylight saving time is a week away! Can’t wait for it to get dark later. Finally!!! ☀️
  • Stressing me out: OKR planning for the next quarter, given the pending layoffs. Still stressed about this but progress feels good.

Takeaways from last week:

  • Not much. Just a busy week with family stuff.

Next week

  • What’s my next weekly experiment? Going more aggressive on calorie targets. Aiming for less than 1500 because I’m stagnating.
  • What is stressing me out? Finishing OKR planning!
  • What’s my next mistake of ambition? Submit the proposal for the company training I talked about in last week’s mistake of ambition.
  • What am I looking forward to? We booked a few days to go visit my grandfather in June!

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