The 12 Week Year: 2022 round 1 wrap up

For the original goals in this cycle, check out the kickoff post. If you don’t know what any of this is, check out my goals page.

12 week goals: January 3 – March 27, 2022

Overall takeaways:

  • Great cycle! Lots of good stuff in here and I really felt the power of the 12WY system. The only failure was a thing I abandoned so I could go after something even more exciting.
  • I discovered Beeminder late in this cycle and it got me back on track with my diet for goal 2. It’ll be game changing for making sure I’m consistent with calories/macros while bulking next cycle.

Goal 1: Run my first marathon

How it went: SUCCESS!

I did it! This was a 40-before-40 goal of mine too! ✅

Goal 2: Cut down to 135lbs

How it went: SUCCESS! Kind of.

I didn’t get down to 135lbs. The lowest I got was 141lbs. But in retrospect, 135 was arbitrary and I’m happy with the body fat level I’ve reached.

141lbs is lean enough that I feel ready to start a bulking phase, which was the whole point of this goal. Plus, being that much lighter helped a lot with making it through my marathon too.

Goal 3: Self-publish a crappy, tiny book

How it went: ABANDONED!

Early in this 12WY cycle, I decided to start looking for another job. So all my would-be-book-writing time went to applying and interviewing. More on that to come.

Goal 4: Fix the most annoying house things

How it went: SUCCESS!

We did everything I had planned and then some:

✅ Installed a new kitchen faucet
✅ Replaced the broken back window
✅ Mulched all the flower beds
✅ Pressure washed the whole house
✅ Got rid of a whole garage full of junk
✅ Made our pantry a pantry instead of a disaster

Goal 5: Two kid adventures per week

How it went: SUCCESS!

The only adventure-less weekends were the ones where we were stuck at home with covid or a stomach bug (which are adventures of their own, I guess).

Here’s some stuff we did:

  • Baked and decorated a cake and cupcakes (with homemade icing!)
  • Made chromatography flowers
  • Created a water bottle tornado
  • Flew an army of paper airplanes
  • Snow day!
  • Picked out clothes and toys to donate
  • Explored an old mill and dam
  • Found a dope playground with a giant slide
  • Hiked at Table Rock
  • Threw a birthday party for William
  • Hopped around at a trampoline park
  • Tried to make tea bag rockets but they failed
  • Weekend in Asheville for my marathon

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