If you had to stop doing 10% of what you’re doing, what would you abandon?

I stole that question from this post and I love it. Sometimes the right question hits me at the right time and I spend the next few days/weeks thinking about it. (That happened with “How can you make the next 60 seconds as perfect and as present as possible?” too. That question still triggers me to make better choices on a daily basis.)

10% doesn’t sound like much but it is. If we subtract 8 hours a day for sleeping, then 10% of the remaining 16 hours is 1.6 hours per day. That’s 11ish hours per week. I’ve talked before about planning my ideal week, but this question comes at it from the other side. Not what I’d do, but what I would avoid doing.

So if I had to chuck 11 hours of my average week, there are some obvious ones to start with. Hacker News and non-essential Slack-ing come to mind. But that only gives me a few hours, if that. I’ve managed to avoid wasting a lot of time on social media and YouTube and other infinity pools. So here’s where it starts to get tough.

After that, I think it’s not so much what I’d stop doing, but what I’d do faster. We could Parkinson’s Law the heck out of some stuff (getting kids to bed, getting ready in the morning, cleaning up) and save at least an hour a day.

But is it worth it, to constantly feel in a rush? I’m not sure. Maybe it’d be a fun weekly experiment.

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