Where are your beans going?

You have 10 beans. You have four quadrants to put them in:

How many beans are in each quadrant right now? And how many beans does each quadrant deserve?

According to Dr. Andy Galpin (I stole this from him), an average split looks something like this:

  • Work: 5
  • Relationships: 2
  • Fitness 2:
  • Recovery: 1

What’s your split, and what should it be?

Now’s the hard part: wherever reality and goal differ, that means putting more beans in something but it also means putting less beans in something else. How can you make that happen?

For example: if you want fitness to be a 2 instead of a 1, then you have to take that bean from somewhere else. Where’s it coming from, and what does that look like in reality? If you want one less bean in work, does that mean you’re stopping half an hour earlier every day? Not working weekends?

Where do your beans need to go, and what does that look like in your daily life?

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